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Wealth Optimisation

Some of our clients deal with several banks or different managers and would like to have one centralised overview and analysis to optimise their portfolios and avoid overlaps or unnecessary investments. We have provided this service very successfully, as we are aware of costs and other issues involved in portfolio management that could be less than optimal for the total wealth of the client. We have noticed, for instance, that some of our clients had the same shares or bonds in all their accounts and, when these were added up, the total risk to the portfolio was quite high. This made the portfolio more volatile than it should be for the performance it was producing. On the other hand, many important areas of future growth or sources of good dividends were under-represented in the portfolios. By correcting these imbalances and supervising the total portfolio risk return profile, we were able to produce superior results.

We have invested in excellent portfolio management and risk control software, used by many of the large banks and institutions. This software enables us to offer a very clear and detailed overview of the advantages or disadvantages of current portfolio positioning and highlight changes that we suggest. We work very closely with our clients to set up this process and ensure that the total wealth of the client is optimally invested.