About Us

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Our Philosophy

LABHA is a Sanskrit (the historical language of India) word meaning fortune, profit or gain. Sanskrit was the language used to write the ancient texts pertaining to philosophy and well being. These texts deal with the relationship of human beings to nature and its cycles and give advice on living in harmony with these cycles to achieve good health and happiness.

The choice of the word LABHA as our company name therefore reflects not only what we do but how we achieve the financial gains for our clients. We believe that just as nature has its cycles and structural shifts, businesses and economies also follow cycles and go through structural changes. The investment process should therefore concentrate on estimating these changes globally to optimise results. We use these principles in addition to all the information and fundamental analysis to formulate asset, regional and sector allocation as well as stock picking. Additionally, discipline in thinking and execution helps us to counteract the two market extremes - fear and greed.