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Elmar J. Hollenstein B.S., MBA

Elmar J. Hollenstein B.S., MBA is an executive director and chief analyst at LABHA Investment Advisors SA since September 2007.

After completing his Bachelor of Science degree (electrical engineering) from the University of California at Berkeley/USA in 1991, Elmar worked as a consultant and director of operations in the IT and media industries as well as senior marketing and sales manager (international) in Swisscom till 2001. From 2001 until he joined Labha, he was a senior controller, project portfolio manager and project manager for Partner Re, a reinsurance company. Elmar completed his Masters of Business Administration at the Henley Business School at the University of Reading/UK in 2009.

His extensive experience in the IT and telecom industries combined with his work in the financial industry provide the ideal background for his current responsibilities. These include technical and quantitative analysis of markets, regions and sectors as well as fundamental analysis of the IT and Telecom sectors.